About Randy Kratz, CFP®


Randy Kratz, CFP® has been a financial advisor for over 21 years helping people build and preserve their wealth through financial education presentations.

Randy believes:

  • Everyone can benefit from financial education
  • Consumers need less sales pitches and more information
  • Investing can be relatively easy if explained correctly
  • Most people feel good about themselves when they do well financially

By maintaining his independence, Randy is able to offer strategies and unbiased advice to help people build and maintain their wealth.

Randy is author of the book Money, Do This, Not That
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Randy’s insight has appeared in the following:

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Willoughby Hill Arboretum


Randy’s main hobby is the development of Willoughby Hill Arboretum located in Franklin KY. Randy says “It’s developing into an organic ecosystem filled with hardwood and fruit trees, herbs, flowers, owls, hawks, wild turkeys and deer. A monarch oasis is in the works to help save the species and will also be available for local school field trips. Weddings and other celebrations are also welcome. People ask me, why Kentucky and where did the name ‘Willoughby’ come from? Southern and central Kentucky are absolutely beautiful parts of the country and I am an ardent Twighlight Zone fan. A Stop at Willoughby is the title of one of my favorite episodes.”



runnerRandy has been a dedicated runner since 1989. Randy says “Running most every day is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, meet others and enjoy nature. We sometimes forget how much there is to experience when we are at our desks and on our computers so much of the day.”






yogaRandy is an avid yoga practitioner. Randy says “I love starting the day with yoga. It gets everything in balance and your head clear so you’re ready for anything the day may throw at you.” Although he tried “hot yoga” for a time where the room is kept at over 100 degrees, he opted for more traditional forms. “Doing yoga in an oven just wasn’t my thing.”